HL7 V2 to OpenEHR


I am wondering if there has been some work done regarding transformation of HL7v2 to OpenEHR compositions ?


Hi Mateen,

There has a lot of work done in many settings on v2 to openEHR integration, particularly labs and ADT- most of the openEHR vendors will have a bunch of examples. THe real challenges are the variability in the way tha v2 messages are setup and the further variability in how labs actually populate the messages.

I have some lab examples but they were part of some commercial work so will need to get permission to share.

There is also some design dpocumentation at https://github.com/freshehr/rippleosi_models/tree/master/docs/iEHR
based on Irish V2 messages.


I think most mappings are implemented in an ad-hoc way, most cases I know are implemented in plain code, some might use some kind of low level mapping tool. I’ve been doing mappings with HL7 v2.x, v3 and FHIR to/from openEHR for a while and I tend to use Mirth Connect for that because it reduces the code needed and some parts are just configuration, like the communication protocol handling and some parsing.

Mirth is an integration engine, basically you receive data in some format via some protocol, and it helps to build transformations over that format that will end up in another format sent to an external app in another protocol. Besides reducing dev time also can reduce errors because less programing is needed. It’s also open source.

That is just my experience :slight_smile: