Citations and references - Care Plan example

In a similar vein to the post on citations in BMI, here is another example - Care Plan. Please refer to the BMI post for the general question. Here I will just post a graphic showing what I take to be the kind of thing @joostholslag and other clinical modellers want to do to represent a Care Plan. (Don’t worry too much about whether my Care Plan design is right or not, just meant to be illustrative).

In this diagram, the hollow boxes are ‘virtual’ Entries (using @ian.mcnicoll 's terminology), either EVALUATION (green) or INSTRUCTION (red), that point to ‘real’ Entries elsewhere in the same EHR.

Most likely, the reference in each case needs to indicate:

  • the direct target, which is a whole EVALUATION or INSTRUCTION, and
  • the parent.

Someone archetyping this reference would probably therefore want to constrain:

  • the reference to be a certain archetype/RM type, e.g. EVALUATION.problem_diagnosis
  • a parent object to be a certain archetype/RM type e.g. COMPOSITION.problem_list.

The meaning of such a constraint would be: this link at run time can only point to a problem/diagnosis EVALUATION, within a problem list COMPOSITION.

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