Bug when saving to Github Branches with Archetype Designer


Archetype designer seems to have a bug when trying to save templates in branches for Github repositories. Opening a branch (for example our project/MBA branch of Karolinska’s CKM-mirror fork) and reading the files from it work fine, but when saving a template it gets comitted to the master branch instead of the project/MBA branch. This of course confuses the application (and the users) when it tries to read back from the project/MBA branch what it just erraneously saved to the master branch . See images below and log file for error mesages.

So having everybody working in the master branch of a fork would work fine technically, but this bug stops us from setting up a smarter github flow with branches (intended for allowing more parallell non-conflicting development).

Ping @borut.fabjan

Error messages when saving:

Error message when restarting AD and trying to load the template:

Repository setup:

Error log from console in Microsoft Edge browser when trying to save:
error-log-saving-template.md (99.0 KB)

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I got this response via mail from @borut.fabjan:

We are working on AD branch support & exposing some of the git/version control features. New version with fix is planned for mid november.


I have just been struggling with this exact same issue for the last couple of days. Should have checked here first!

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Fixed with AD 1.23.5 / AD@openehr.org updated


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