Configurable working folders in Archetype Designer

Great @borut.fabjan !

Would it be possible to also make the default template and archetype working-folder(s) (e.g. used for new tempaltes) user-configurable? I believe they are now just thrown into the /local (working) folder and it would be nice to use configurable subfolders for different projects instead of manually moving the files in GitHub later to sort them.

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We use a src/templates and src/archetypes structure for our repos.

Sounds like we are derailing from original topic. Make it a separate topic.

Short answer - I guess almost each modeller has it’s own preferences around file organisation.
I know @ian.mcnicoll is specially picky. :wink:

AD internally has a configurable strategy. It’s not a technical question, but more of some common/agreed patterns.

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Ok, good suggestion @borut.fabjan. I moved the posts to this separate topic.

What I tried to say is that it would be nice if the “Working Folder” field hihglighted in yellow below was user configurable in a way that allows @siljelb, @ian.mcnicoll, me and my colleagues to configure in what folder our new templates for this particular project gets saved by default.

If we start another project in parallel we can just add another separate repository config in AD (possibly pointing to the same github repo but with different settings).

For example we could use settings supporting a structure like the one below and get our created templates in a laboratry medicine related project to land in the “lab” directory highlighted in yellow below, instead of ending up in the root of “local” as hardcoded currently (marked in red/orange below).

(It’s a great alerady esxisting feature that you search through all subdirectories and that you already save files back to their original location. This makes manual moves in a Git-clients work nicely - it’s just the new ones that would be nice to change default location for.)