AQL issues and the Health risk archetype

Our work in India

Inspired by the work of OpenEHR community lead by Ian, we have teamed up with E-Health Research Center @IIITB to create something that can be used in India. We have proposed the concept to Karnataka state as we are based out of Bangalore and are waiting for their response.

While we wait for their response, we have decided to invest a week’s effort to see what we can come up with so that we do not waste time till we hear from the state health authorities. We had a hackathon of sorts today to test the templates and what see what sort of data visualizations are possible out of them. Some adjustments had to be done to the assessment template to get all the AQLs to work in Ethercis. Though there are a couple of minor issues with querying some of the data points, it works largely now.

We also used as an inspiration to see how much can be achieved using queries on the two templates and are happy to report that the results have been quite encouraging. We plan to continue this, while the EHRC team has started work on a UI for data capture, reports and visualization.

We will report more as we make progress.

Thanks to the OpenEHR community for such a great initiative and are happy to be part of it


That’s great news @Dileep - please keep us updated - it would be good to see the changes you had to make to the templates to make the queying work in Ethercis. I know that @christian s putting most of his effort into ehrBase (which started with the same core engine) these days but if the problem is simple to fix perhaps it can be addressed.


In the original risk assessment template the Risk factors cluster in ‘openEHR-EHR-EVALUATION.health_risk-covid.v’ has been cloned and renamed for the 6 different risk factors being addressed. AQL in Ethercis was returning only one of the values for the compositions using this template. We had to remove the clones custers and make it into a multi-occurrence cluster that will have 6 instances, each with 6 different risk factor in every composition.

The aql that we use is

Oops no AQL - would you mind sharing that and the template?

Find template, OPT & aql attached


(Attachment is missing)

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Sorry - .zip file missing

Looks like Discourse removed the zip file. Tried the forum web, but could not find an attachment option. he upload option in the editor says that new users cannot upload files.

Once again, i am trying to attach the files separately(OPT, OET & aql)


assessment aql.odt (11.5 KB)

EHRN-Suspected Covid-19 assessment.v0.oet (21.9 KB)

EHRN-Suspected Covid-19 assessment.v0.opt (505 KB)

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Got them now thanks.

Can you email me the template file set as I need it compare the archetypes themselves?