Adverse reaction risk and Adverse reaction event ready for publication

Continuing the discussion from Revisiting adverse reactions:

After a few years of adjustments, the Adverse reaction risk archetype is ready for republication as v2, and the Adverse reaction event archetype is ready for publication as v1.

The consensus between the editors is that neither of these publications require a review for the following reasons:

  1. The Adverse reaction event archetype is an only slightly modified copy of the contents of the ‘Reaction event’ internal cluster of the published version of Adverse reaction risk v1.
  2. The major changes to the Adverse reaction risk archetype are, apart from separating out the ‘Reaction event’ cluster, alignments with FHIR regarding the “Status” elements. The published v1 version of the archetype has a single Status element, while the proposed v2 has separated the two axes “active/inactive status” and “verification status” similar to the FHIR R5 AllergyIntolerance resource.

The editors would like to move on with publication, and will do so on September 11 unless we receive objections before then.

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Republished and published. Adverse reaction risk v1 has been deprecated.