Wrong logo on discourse site

The discourse site logo uses the wrong colours. Suggest replacing it with https://openehr.org/media/uploads/2019/03/08/openehr_logo_rgb.svg.


I would quite like to try with a no-color banner at the top and reverse the colors of the search and menu logos - blue with orange roll-over

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I would suggest we get @marcusbaw to change any key params on the look & feel of the site, or at least advise us, since he set it up and knows all the tricks. While we’re learning :wink:

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Hi all,

I based colours etc on the existing openEHR site (there may have been changes since I originally did this branding work about 18 months ago!)

Branding settings are at

Colour settings are at

You can’t really break anything if you stick to those bits. Feel free to experiment until you have theming that you are happy with/


I successfully tweaked the colours a little. Just to tone down David’s Llloyd’s orange a little :wink:

Yes we were slightly confused ourselves but @siljelb has us on the path of true enlightenment and hunts down rogue logos with the eye of an eagle :wink:


The logo colours are still wrong. See the link in my first post.

I only chabged the text colours. I’ll have a go at changing the logos later.

I’ve fixed the colours and the logo