Due to recent review and fixes to various BMMs due to @NeoEHR (Borut Jures) implementation work, I realised that none of the Hash<> (= Map<> in Java) relationships in the BMMs are using the P_BMM_INDEXED_CONTAINER_PROPERTY meta-type (see here in the P_BMM spec), which generates BMM_INDEXED_CONTAINER_PROPERTY instances at runtime (see here in BMM spec).

An example of what this meta-type looks like in a BMM is as follows. Not complicated - just like the P_BMM_CONTAINER_PROPERTY meta-type but with an extra field index_type.

    ‚Äč["CALLBACK_WAIT"] = <
       ‚Äčname = <"CALLBACK_WAIT">
       ‚Äčancestors = <"...">
       ‚Äčproperties = <
           ‚Äč["custom_actions"] = (P_BMM_INDEXED_CONTAINER_PROPERTY) <
               ‚Äčname = <"custom_actions">
               ‚Äčtype_def = <
                   ‚Äčcontainer_type = <"Hash">
                   ‚Äčindex_type = <"String">
                   ‚Äčtype = <"EVENT_ACTION">
               ‚Äčcardinality = <|>=0|>

I had this working in ADL Workbench long ago, and would like to upgrade the BMMs to use it - but I need to know if it has been implemented elsewhere. So, calling:

Please respond here.

I haven’t found BMM_INDEXED_CONTAINER_PROPERTY in any BMMs I’m using and I have not implemented it in my code.

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The index container properties and types have not been implemented in Archie. would not be hard to implement in the P_ part and convert to generic types in the runtime model. It would be more work to adapt all code that works on BMM models if the runtime model also is updated.

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We don’t process that property in our BMM parser