Where should the mappings of national health info data elements to openEHR go?

In China, recently, our MOH revised and published the industry standard family - Health data element dictionary (WS/T 363, 17 parts, 2200+ data elements) and its accompanying value domains (WS/T 364, 17 parts, 300+ value domains) . Where should the mappings of national health info data elements to openEHR go? In other words, where to hold these mappings?



For example, a specific template to hold the openEHR Archetype data points/groups (as targets of mappings) and the national Health data elements (as sources of mappings)? And the accompanying value domains would be recorded as terminology bindings?

I would definitely capture this information outside archetype and templates, other than perhaps for very local archetypes.

We have had some success in a similar projects in just using spreadsheets to map each national data element to a specific archetype/ archetype path.

Then you can use FHIR ConceptMaps to map any Valuesets, at least where these are straightforward. The nice thing is that these are executable by a FHIR terminology server


thanks, Ian! Very practical feedback and suggestions :heart:


Is this Template relevant to my need/question?

COVID-19 Pneumonia Diagnosis and Treatment (7th edition)

It looks like a structure data set for data exchange.

Yes and no!

It depends on whether you are creating some sort of context-agnostic data dictionary, or actually doing an integration.

That template was built to faciitate reporting to a standard COVID dataset so it might well make use of the mappings defined in some kind of data dictionary bit it does not store the mappings themselves. You would still need to define the mappings from the template into the national data elements for this use case.