Where should claim related artefacts go?

As the tile said, I’ve been wondering where claim related artefacts should be placed in the CKM? Similarily, discussion topics on such artefacts might also need a separate category in the forum.

In addition, this question reminds me of the counterparts/modules in the FHIR Specification, such as Financial Module and Administration Module.


Lin Zhang

Generally claims are not part of the EHR, but part of the financial system that takes information from the EHR (CPT, ICD, etc.) plus some demographics, scheduling, provider and payor information. Most of that is also not part of the EHR. Claims are sort of reports with aggregated information from many systems (I did some claim work for the US).

But, if you want that info to be part of the EHR, that would be an ADMIN_ENTRY.

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Thanks, Pablo

Helpful reply!

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