Where has the Support Information Model been moved to?

hello everyone,
In the given sentence, it is mentioned that “this part of the RM has been moved to the BASE component.” However, in Figure 9, the “Support Information Model” is not present.

@thomas.beale (a)

The original contents of the Support Information Model (IM) have been progressively moved over to the BASE component. See at bottom of the main specs page.

This is because the Support IM models turned out to be generically applicable to all of openEHR, not just the EHR RM.

Thank you, Thomas, for your response.
I followed your suggestion and referred to the main specifications page . I found the information I was looking for about the Support Information Model.Will the Support IM be moved to the Base component in the future?

We are progressively retiring / moving all parts of the Support IM to either BASE or elsewhere. If you look at the latest version of the Support IM, you will see there are some remaining parts for which we need to determine the necessity. If we keep them they will get repackaged in some other specification. Eventually, the Support IM will disappear as a separate specification, rather than literally be moved.

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