What to do if template I need is using old version of archetype?

Hi I’m quite new to openEHR

I have an existing template that I want to use

I try to modify this template with archetype designer but when I try to import oet file
there was an error

ePrescription (FHIR).oet
No such concept: archetypeId=openEHR-EHR-INSTRUCTION.medication_order.v0

I understand that medication order v0 was obsolete since it is v3 now.
but I’m not sure how to handle with this if I want to continue using the template(I want one that can comply both openEHR and FHIR)

try to find medication order v0 and upload it to archetype designer (which may not be appropriate to openehr concept)


making new template that comply with v3 (which will take really long time)

Hi @zacrify if the older version is managed in the CKM, you can access it. Just go to the archetype and click on the history icon (4 green arrows), then in the version history you can find and download the older version.

Note that you might need to be logged in the CKM to see the history icon on archetypes, so it’s recommended that you create a user there.

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Hi @zacrify! Your use case, having an older template and wanting to upgrade it to use more recent versions of included archetypes, is a pretty common one. As you’ve correctly identified, you have the option of either using the older version of the archetype used in the original template, or recreating that part of the template using the more recent archetype. In addition to @pablo’s instructions on how to find the older, deprecated archetypes, I’d like to note that gracefully updating archetypes to newer major versions should be part of Archetype Designer, and we’ll be requesting that functionality for future development.