What is the storage backed by CKM?

Is CKM storage is backed by a git repository ?

There is a mirror from the ckm storage to github. https://github.com/openEHR/CKM-mirror
I don’t know about the ckm storage itself. If you want to know: it’s produced by ocean informatics.

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Is it open source ? Do we have any open source alternatives for template repositories ?

You’ll find some useful information in the thread “openEHR. How to get started”
Regarding open source backend see this: OpenEHR. How to get started!?

The CKM archetypes and templates are exported to a (configurable) git mirror.
CKM is however not based on this - it is based on an asset management system - which for example enables the versioning etc. of individual archetypes & templates (“assets”) quite nicely.


I see @sebastian.garde has replied about CKM. I agree a simple template repository viewer, preferably open-source and able to talk to git/github repos would be very useful.


Where could the CKM system be downloaded or obtained? Is it free or open sourced?

Ouch, I should have do more homework for this! So sorry.
I’ve NOT been noticed that it’s from Ocean although as a frequent user.

Ocean CKM’s homepage is at:

CKM Installation requirements - openEHR Clinical - openEHR wiki

CKM is a proprietary product. It is not open source.

However all of the archetypes and templates are open source and can be downloaded individually orin bulk (if you have a free account).

The current Trunk versions of all archetypes are also mirrored to Github so you can retreive them from there,


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Thanks, Ian.
Yeah, I’ve already downloaded its mirror from github a couple of times.