What is the process to publish an Archetype?

I want to know who can I publish an Archetype?
What is the first step?


Hello, and welcome to the community! :partying_face:

First step is to upload a draft, your proposal of a new archetype, go to the international Clinical Knowledge Manager (CKM) and then upload your file using the button shown below:


Or you can also upload it here at discourse if you want to have feedback before you upload it to the CKM.
Normally there will be some discussion and refining … making an archetype is easy, making a good one is harder, unfortunately, and having feedback from others does improve it.

The CKM editors will eventually facilitate one or more review rounds, until there is an agreement among the reviewers and editors that the archetype is fit for purpose.

We’ll wait for your upload with exitement! :smiley:

Cheers from Vebjørn Arntzen


Thank you for the explanation. :slightly_smiling_face:
I have submitted one archetype in “proposal of a new archetype” and today I have seen that it has been moved to “Project: Scores and Scales”.
Can you tell me what does it mean? this mean this archetype will be reviewed later?
Or when I get comments on that?
Maryam Razavi


It means the wonderful machinery of this incredible community has started working on it! If you look below where you uploaded archetype, all closed proposals are listed under the headline “Closed archetype proposals” (you have to manually open the list by clicking the headline). You will see this:

Which means Heather Leslie, one of the Editors of the CKM, accepted the archetype and moved it to the Scores and Scales project.

When opening the archetype in Project Scores and Scales, and clicking on the icon for ‘Archetype History’ image, you will see what’s going on.

The archetype is about to be transformed, to be aligned with other score and scale archetypes, both in naming, wording in Header section and other tweeks. Still in progress, I assume.

As the community is world wide and working day and night (Heather is in Australia), you might find things happening during your night time, and it might not be finished until you wake up. - and others go to sleep :slight_smile:


Hi Maryam,

As per Vebjørn’s description, your proposal has been accepted and imported into CKM as a draft. I also investigated and updated the content for clarity and to align with the original reference, changed the archetype ID and modified metadata to align better with our Editorial guidelines.

Usually the process of investigation and acceptance takes longer, but because this is a Cambio model I imported it and worked it up because we have been doing this with many of the Cambio scores in recent months.

Konstantinos had done a good job in authoring, but I’ve fine-tuned and IMO it is now ready for review, should anyone request it.

As the international CKM repository is regarded as a ‘source of truth’, we take governance of the models very seriously. Initiating a review process requires Editorial support (of which Vebjørn is one), and resourcing/timing needs to be discussed with the Clinical Knowledge Administrators, of which I am one. You, or your team can be intimately involved, and over time and with mentoring anyone can become an Editor, if they are interested. In the meantime, we’d be happy to guide you. As most of the Editorial work in this space is voluntary or completed in work time, we do need to negotiate collectively how best to progress an archetype through a review process.

If you want an archetype to be reviewed, you can directly contact me or @siljelb as CKAs to kickstart the process or make a comment on the archetype’s CKM Discussion tab.

You might also have noticed that as part of my investigations, I found that there is also a Modified Aldrete score and closely related PADSS score - both of which I have now created by copying and adapting the uploaded original Aldrete score - they are not specialisations but there is a commonality in the content. So we now have a family of post anaesthetic assessments that are coherent and available for use.


Hi @varntzen @heather.leslie ,

Wow, thank you so much for all the explanations. As a new person in this community, I am really amazed
I could follow all the process and all the modifications that have been done in the archetype.

One question regarding the Archetype ID: the word “score” should be included in the ID or not, because in the style guide it says “Same as concept name but without the word ‘scale’ or ‘score’ - unless it is necessary to distinguish from another archetypes with a similar name.” but in the “Aldrete” Archetype ID the word “score” is added in review process. I can guess may be it is because of the “Modified Aldrete score”. Is my guess correct?

I would love to be an Editor and learn more, how can I start?

Thank you in advance.


Hi Maryam! @heather.leslie and I would like to have a chat about your editorial needs and plans - could we set up a web meeting? :smile:

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