What is the owner of party(VERSIONED_OBJECT.Owner_Id)

Hi everyone,
I am trying to implement VERSIONED_PARTY. But I encounter with a problem(owner_id is a mandatory field)
what is the owner of party ??
In my opinion there are not any owners for a party. So, it would be better to be null.
Am I wrong?

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The answer to “what is the owner of a Party” is not that simple, as that owner is quite generic and (as far as I know) we are missing real life implementation information. There are not that much implementation of the Demographic package.
At least in our case (Code24 BV, Netherlands), we consider the owner a “System”, same as also used in EHR.system_id. But in theory it could be also an Organisation. Depending on the choice made, that can be always filled with a OBJECT_REF pointing to a system_id or Organisation.uid.
So it does not have to be null or optional. Hopefully this gives you some inspiration to continue.

One more remark/note: the Demographics package does not have yet support in REST Api and neither on AQL level, but the SEC group is discussing and working this issues.

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That is a beautiful answer.
I am going to use Organisation instead of system_id.