What does this error mean?

I’m trying to upload a composition, but I can’t find what I’m doing wrong, what can this mean ??

“validationResourceCode”: “composition.element.description.required”,
“parameters”: [

I guess you are uploading an ADMIN_ENTRY instead of a COMPOSITION

Start composition

Hi Luiz,

Very happy to help but it is really difficult to figure these things out, unless we have access to both the composition instance and the matching template . My guess would be that you have omitted some mandatory text in the openEHR-EHR-ADMIN_ENTRY.admission-ubr.v1 but without seeing the whole instance and the template it is difficult to tell - most people use a GH gist or drive link to to share these.


I think it would also be helpful to learn which openEHR CDR is being used as the error messages are not yet standardized between implementations.

I think that is an XML issue, the name of the root node is not standard, also there is a mix of namespaces inside, when in openEHR everything should be under the same namespace.

How was that XML generated?

What CDR are you using?


I also believe in this moment that this is it, I really appreciate everyone’s help, Thank you from the bottom of my heart!

But what was the issue? I’m still curious about those questions ^

I am new to the world of openehr, what would CDR be? because currently where I work we use a platform from Marand or Better, when doing some tests it seems that some attributes he is not recognizing inside the XML

I am curious to learn more about openehr, is there any way to learn besides the written documentation? in this case I’m Brazilian and I’m trying to find ways to learn more and more

Hi Luiz,

The CDR is a ‘Clinical Data Repository’ - that is the smart openEHR-enabled datastore that various implementers Better, Ehrbase, Ocean, Dips, Code24, Cabolabs have developed - all with different internal configurations but all compliant with the openEHR RM and APIs. When you upload a template to the Better engine you are uploading it to a CDR, and when you try to commit a composition it must be compliant with a corresponding template.

How are you building that composition? - do you have access to the Better Ehrscape API? If you can share the template I can probably create a sample xml composition for you - though Better also offer much easier JSON formats to work with.

You might find this helpful https://freshehr.github.io/dhi-proms/
or https://ehrbase.readthedocs.io/en/latest/

Adding to Ian, CDR is not an openEHR term, is a health informatics term :slight_smile:

@luiz_Minelli not sure if you already watched this, but it is a good step by step guide for working with openEHR https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zSftiFBjboE


Thanks Pablo!!