Versioning problem

Hi everybody,
I have a question about versioning.
I am not completely sure.
Ver 3 of SysA was made from Ver 2 or Ver 2.1.1
Generally, users can update the latest version of a specific trunk-branch number or have to update the latest version without considering of branch number(the most recently added version).

I have to clarify this issue. First, In my opinion, Object with single version(1,2,3 …) should be the master version. Another versions like 2.1.2 means branch of the master version. Therefore, in real world, users are able to update last versions of every branches (In the above picture, it means 2.1.1 and 3 are updatable and active version).
If the above facts are true. Then, Some services will need to be changed. For example,
get_party_relationship (a_versioned_party_rel_id: UUID[1])
This method makes ambiguous issue. Because users do not know, which relationship is supposed to receive (in this example 2.1.1 or 3).

Besides, I think we need some services for creating and merging branches(Createbranch, MergeBranch) which I could not find in openEHR documentation.
thanks in advance for any advice and tips to help me.

That is correct. To provide some context, the diagram above is from the Common IM, Change Control section.

To support branching as documented in the Common IM you are correct - we need to update / add some of the service calls found here in the Platform services spec EHR and Demographic sections.

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