Values for LINK.meaning

The openEHR specifications mentions (in section Common Information Model) that possible values for LINK.meaning are listed in the ISO 13606 specification: “[…] Values for meaning include those described in Annex C, ENV 13606 pt 2 under the categories of generic , documenting and reporting , organisational , clinical , circumstancial , and view management .”.

However, the mentioned ISO 13606 specification is not freely accessible and furthermore the preview of ISO 13606 part 2 did only list an Annex A and B and no Annex C.

Hence my question: Can the possible values for LINK.meaning mentioned in Common Information Model also be found elsewhere? Where?

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Hello @emmanuel.eschmann

That reference is in fact completely outdated. ENV 13606 was the pre-norm or experimental norm back in the early 2000s. Then we had EN 13606:2007 and finally now we have ISO 13606:2019. So, at the very least, that mention in the specifications should be updated.

The link meaning codes (there called link_description) are located in part 3 of the norm, ISO 13606-3:2019:Reference archetypes and term lists. Unfortunately, I’m not aware that they are freely available anywhere. They are a good reference though.

The six categories of terms are:
Related to: a generic category for linking parts of the EHR.
Authorised by or confirmed by: links that connect the documentation of the legal or authoritative basis for an activity documented in another part of the EHR.
Related to the same health condition or health problem: links that connect two health or health care situations, events or activities that pertain to the same healthcare matter.
Related to the same clinical process, care plan, healthcare activity or episode of care: linking parts of the same health condition, clinical process, care plan, healthcare activity or episode of care.
Related documentation: linking alternative documentary forms, such as re-use of pre-existing EHR content in another part of the EHR, the re-expression of the same clinical information, additional supplementary explanatory information or a summary.
Plays a role: linking EHR content to a demographic entity that has played a (structural) role in the information that is documented.

Should we consider to “import” those terms as part of the openEHR internal terminologies?


Good question and suggestion @damoca.

I think we have to raise a PR Jira ticket on RM and TERM components and then we can discuss them in SEC. Can you do that yourself or should I help you on that?

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Hi @damoca ,

Thank you very much for your detailed and precise answer, which is very helpful.

I will buy the document ISO “13606-3:2019:Reference archetypes and term lists” to get the list of 70+ codes for LINK.meaning that you mention in [SPECPR-433] - openEHR JIRA.

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