Value set defined in External Coded Local Terms is not displayed consistently among different users

On Wednesday, June 05, 2024, we were surprised by an issue using the Archetype Designer at

Both users separately uploaded the same file set each onto a new and empty repository. This file set represents a constrained template using mainly the composition “Request for service” and the archetype “Medication order” with defined local terms - where it applies.

But, both users got a different behavior with the same template from the same file set, namely that the defined value set for the attributes “Route” and “Administration method” in the Archetype “Medication order” were only displayed for one user, but not the other. Both were using’s Archetype Designer. The respective attributes with this incoherent behavior represent a coded text with an “External Coded” “Local terms” defined value set, such as

  1. Administration method:
  • Code: “SCT-738990001”
  • Text: Administer
  1. Route
  • Code: “SCT-26643006;EDQM-20053000”
  • Text: “Oral route”

On the other hand, using the Better Form renderer - based on the opt file - both users got an identical behavior and the value set were available for both users.

Before uploading too many images and files, I wanted to ask,

  1. if this behavior in Archetype Designer is known to happen.
  2. if there exist some configurations that a user might perform on the Archetype Designer that might explain this behavior.
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Hi Lucas,

strange, but definitely not expected behaviour :wink:
Can you easily replicate this issue?

Hi Fabjan
yes, I still have this issue in
see screenshot below
could we meet per zoom for that?