Validating stored queries in EHRBase

Does EHRBase do any validations or sanity test when a stored query is saved?

Is the user responsible for ensuring that the query is valid before it is saved?

Hi Dileep,

yes, the query should be checked for syntax. We cannot check that the query provides any meaningful response as it can be created before any data goes into the system. Typcially you would create some test data on a dev environment and execute the query.



Maybe I was a bit unclear: EHRbase checks for the AQL syntax.

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OK. I had assumed from your answer that it takes in what is sent by the user.

Just to clarify my understanding, EHRBase checks the syntax, but does not check whether it returns any value, as a query could be added before adding compositions.

One more question. While checking the syntax, does it check the following

  1. Whether all the archetypes mentioned exist in the repository?
  2. Whether the containment does in fact make sense in the context of the templates in the repository?

These are really intereresting ideas. To be honest, these are not on the roadmap and might not be anytime soon (we got some other requirements from our projects in Germany), but something to consider for next year.