Using Git merge on ADL / json files

We are aware that quite a few folks are using git-backed model repos and e.g branches. Is anyone using git merge to fold branch changes back into main? Does it work or …

What do you mean with ‘work’ exactly. Adl is just a ‘text’ file. Nedap CDR has archetypes and templates (in adl) in a git repo. Often updates to either are replacement of the original file. But if you have the same filename (without full version number). You get a nice git diff and merge.

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By ‘work’ I really meant whether the git diff / merge were challenging with ADL. Although they are text docs, they are fairly complex.

Ok. Only issue I’ve had is with different filenames (due to full version number in the filename and git thinking it’s a different artefact). Never had issues with merging because of adl complexity. Done it a dozen times I think. @MattijsK what’s your experience?


Git diff works fine on ADL in our experience. It’s not more complicated than many programming languages I guess. But indeed, using full versions in the filenames makes it harder sometimes, but then we often just manually diff it in a text editor and that works fine as well.