Use of format vs SVG for TP-VML

Looking at the work done in the TP-VML specs, we seem to have gone with the proprietary format for the palette. Is there any specific reason for this choice as we have more open and universal formats such as SVG?
Are there any other opensource tools( is free but not opensource) that can be used to build a visual designer using the current palette?



Hi Dileep, isn’t meant to be the final tool in which TP-VML is implemented - it’s just convenient and free, so we added a set of symbols to it to enable purely visual drawing of TP-VML drawings. It’s easy to use to build POC TP models for discussion, papers etc, but of course is not computable.

ArchetypeDesigner has a working TP-VML mode built-in. It’s not completed yet, but it does a lot of the things that the mode does.

If you have suggestions of tools that a TP-VML mode could be built for, let us know.