Use cases for tobacco smoking summary 'Episode'

Hi all!

I’m participating in a project owned by the Norwegian Directorate of Health, to publish a small common dataset for a smoking summary. The Tobacco smoking summary archetype is one of the sources informing the project.

One difficult question which has been discussed in the project has been whether the dataset needs to include a repeatable group of data elements for describing an “Episode” or “Period” of smoking behaviour. The Tobacco smoking summary has such a group/cluster, and examples given for its use include “during pregnancy” and “while on holiday”. As part of the project discussion, I’ve been tasked with finding real world, practical examples where the “Episode” group of elements are required. I’ve looked through several recording contexts common in Norway, but haven’t found any examples where the element group is definitely required.

This is why I’m turning to the openEHR community to ask; do you know of any real world, practical examples where you are using or would need to use this kind of repeatable group of elements to detail specific episodes of smoking behaviour? If so, could you point me towards them, preferably with online documentation?

Thank you all in advance! :smile:

Not sure about any documentation, but it is common to ask women about smoking behaviour during pregnancy in terms of risk to the fetus. This was one of the main drivers in the archetype design.

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