URI and GI symptoms recording

The Covid-19 one-pager gives the following symptoms:

How do we record the following symptoms ?

  • URI symptoms
  • GI symptoms

My idea was to find some SNOMED-CT codes to expand the current set with fever, cough and short of breath .

I assume that these mean “urinary tract symptoms” and “gastrointestinal symptoms”. That’s pretty vague, but perhaps these could be used?

249274008 | Urinary symptoms (finding) |
267045008 | Gastrointestinal symptom (finding) |

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Uri is upper respiratory tract so I think we are covered by ‘influenza like symptoms’, which is already there.

We can easily add ‘gastrointestinal symptoms’ but am a little reluctant to do so in the setting of a triage assessment. 10% of what is a pretty vague symptom is really not very discriminatory , and I have not seen it on any of the guidance.

There is an ‘other symptoms’ element which is left open - so perhaps that is the best compromise.

On the subject of SNOMED-CT codes, I did ask SNOMED International to consider making these codes a ‘free set’ to allow wide licence-free distribution but was told no, so we are obliged to put the usual kind of disclaimer on the template and any archetypes where SNOMED-CT codes are integral to use (as here).

This is IMO very unfortunate and I will be raising this at Board level that this should be a formal openEHR request.


Diarrhoea and abdominal pain seem to be symptoms some times, but agree with Ian these do not seem to be forming part of the public health screening advice. One for the clinicians really.