Two-level modeling

Guys, can you elaborate on two-level modeling a little bit?

Is it the same as “model-driven architecture” or not?
By model-driven architecture, I mean systems that could be configured with model metadata. Or there are more than this in “two-level modeling”?

I read couple of papers by Thomas about two-level methodology and still didn’t get it. I have some background in semantic web/ descriptive logic, fhir and v3/rim, ddd, model-driven arch, oop and fp etc :frowning:

I probably can repeat claims from papers, but i really didn’t get it. Help me :wink:

Hi @Nikolai_Ryzhikov,

I think this section within the openEHR specifications provide some good information on this question: Architecture Overview

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Read on Object Constraint Language and its use cases in addition to Birger’s suggestion, then take a look at ADL specifications.

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