Translation editor rights?

Hi, we are about to start reviewing Swedish translations of archetypes, in the Laboratory Test Order & Results Reporting project to start with (middle of January). There are 3 persons within openEHR Sweden that administer translations and reviews, and all three of us need translation editor rights so that we can manage the work. Currently I am translation editor only in the Common project. What should we do to get this role in other projects as well? When asking for membership in a project I cannot chose the role translation editor, only translator. I tried to put a comment in the project discussion but got no answer (so far). I would like to start a review round pretty soon, so I am sort of in a hurry.

Hi Åsa,

With the Clinical Board revamp I am not sure who would be doing this in the meantime.
Usually one of the editors of the respective project (in this case @siljelb @heather.leslie @Liv_Laugen @ian.mcnicoll @John_Tore_Valand @varntzen) would do this…maybe one of them can help?


I realise that the timing is far from perfect, but if it is possible to solve this for at least the laboratory archetypes, it would be great. The general and more long-term question about translation editing can wait until the new board is in place.

I’ve assigned the time critical rights for now.