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We are looking at options for training our NHS Scotland team of around 60 people (and growing) on openEHR. We have met with @Hanna_Pohjonen a couple of times and really like her material, but to decide what to do next we need to have a better idea of what else is available, if anything.

Asynchronous learning offerings at the moment seem to be very few (only one structured program), and in general learning about openEHR for newbies can be very challenging without some help. You quickly find yourself on the Specifications site which can be a tad disheartening when you need something more basic.

There is no text book for openEHR (that I can find), nor indeed very much in the way of ‘easy introductions’ and putting together a lot of video references and pointing people at the openEHR White Paper just does not cut it for our requirements. (It is interesting comparing number of reference books on FHIR Vs openEHR!)

We need something that people can do at their own pace, something that does the basics as well as steps into more advanced topics, something that is vendor neutral and something that can be used by existing staff as well as by new joiners over time.

So as far as I can tell Hanna’s material is the best offering in this regard at the moment, but maybe there are other offerings and resources out there that I have not run into? I’d be grateful for any thoughts or insights people may have.




Thank you for your kind words! I think it is essential that people can also communicate with each other within the group (when learning) and ask questions from the facilitator in the context. We call it social learning. We have now users in 9 different countries, alltogether around 1000 licenses sold in one year. :blush:

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Hi @Paulmiller

Training depends on the profile of people you have. Training for clinical modelers has a very specific methodology, process, tool set, etc. Training for clinical repository managers would have a different profile, another for integration engineers, etc.

In our education page you have find different offerings for different profiles: CaboLabs Health Informatics, Standards and Interoperability

  • openEHR fundamentals (for everyone)
  • openEHR clinical database design and implementation (IT, implementation, DBAs)
  • clinical information modeling with archetypes and templates (clinical modelers and IT people that want to know about that)
  • health information systems implementation with openEHR (hands on workshop, IT, programmers)

These courses and workshops are not for executives, are for hands on people, based 15 years of experience designing, implementing and integrating openEHR systems.

One note about the text book, in openEHR the text book is the specification. If there is any text book out there about openEHR, it would just reword the specs.


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Hi Paul,

This book is due to be published in January 2022 - Largely focused on the openEHR approach.

Unofortunately, it is also in the ‘textbook’ price range :roll_eyes: but I have it on good authority that it will be worth a read.

Editors - @Evelyn_Hovenga & @heather.grain. Chapters from a number of experts in the openEHR community including @thomas.beale & myself, plus #healthIT leaders globally.