Tips on archetype/template for "Central venous line/catheter"?

Can anyone point me towards a suitable archetype/template for documenting insertion of central venous lines/catheters? Ie something that would include things like:

  • type of catheter and it’s characteristics
  • site of insertion and tip
  • method of insertion (+/- ultrasound guidance, over guidewire etc)
  • prophylactic antibiotics and/or other meds
  • post-procedural follow up

Would be very grateful for any tips, it doesn’t have to include all of the above :slight_smile: Apologies in advance if this was easy to find and just me not looking in the right place, if so - grateful for tips about the right place instead :slight_smile:

Thanks! / Anna

Hi Anna, a long time ago I worked in the emergency trauma process, and we needed to develop our own archetypes for central and peripheral venous catheters. I couldn’t find the original archetypes we created, but I have a sample one about the catheters installed in a prehospitalary phase (sorry it’s in Spanish): open-ehr-gen-framework/openEHR-EHR-ACTION.vias_venosas_prehospitalario.v1.adl at master · ppazos/open-ehr-gen-framework · GitHub

Hi Anna! Are you wanting to document the action of inserting the catheter, or the fact that one is in situ? Those two situations would probably be best represented respectively by the ACTION.procedure archetype or the EVALUATION.device_summary archetype. The former has been well tested and reviewed, while the latter is currently a draft. The details about the catheter device that you outline would have to be created as a CLUSTER archetype to be included within one of these two, depending on the relevant context.

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Thank you @siljelb and @pablo ! I will look at these and perhaps get back to you later with more questions :slight_smile: