The links in the top right are barely visible

I’m talking about these:


Have you considered depreciating those links and rolling them into the sidebar? This would be tidier and more robust.

You might need to update the site first (being able to edit the main links at the top of the sidebar is a new feature).

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That’s odd - looka quite different for me


It seems to be related to Automatic Dark Mode (a user setting found at

May I suggest that Dark mode is configured fully, or disabled fully?

Good to see you flexing Discourse a bit, Ian! I’m surprised you aren’t yet a mod here.

Important feedback. This seems to be standard discourse functions. @marcusbaw could you analyse and reply?

It is caused by Dark Mode, I see the same as @Nathan

No I cannot. I have been told that the OEF board want to pay only for my Discourse services when they have a problem, not on a retainer, which means, like any other job, I will only be doing it when I’m told there is a job to do.

So, no, I am not here as your Discourse wrangler because it has been decided you don’t want one

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I’m sorry to hear it, I didn’t know. Thanks for taking the effort to reply anyways.

@marcusbaw I’ll log this for the annual maintenance you do (or before if we have a number of issues). Thanks for replying to the site feedback. Much appreciated.

Hi Nathan - you’ll probably see from the threads that we don’t have ongoing site maintenance, but we do engage Marcus when essential or periodically to look at things like this. It’s on the ‘wish list’.