Template Data Document and Schema?

I am working on an integration with the national Cancer registry. They have a proprietary xml specification. They will do the mapping from canonical openehr xml themselves. The tool they use for mapping is Altova Map Force. Such mapping solutions doesn’t work nicely with openehr xml.

To help them I created a generic xslt to transforn openehr xml into a simpler and more tool friendly format. The xstl is here : https://github.com/bjornna/kremt-examples/tree/main/xslt

After working on this during the weekend I realized that I in fact implemented some kind of a TDD structure.

Maybe someone here already made something similar?

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Do you mean TDD or transforming from/to openEHR XML data?

Not to criticise choices already made, but we moved away from XSLT based transforms almost completely.

@ian.mcnicoll and myself did a substantial amount of work using TDS/TDD support of the Ocean template designer for a project back in the day. It works, it is doable, but not something I’d do again.

Our experience is usually with Format X -> openEHR XML. Yours is an interesting scenario and not something we’ve done frequently. We do openEHR -> FHIR but that’s not based on xml, we do it with code.

Not sure if this response helps, but you know, just in case…

I fully agree. XSLT transformation is absolutely not my preferred choice. For this use-case the customer had done investments in Altova products doing XSD based XSLT transformations. The openEHR XML/XSD is generic by nature which makes it hard to navigate in visual editors.

Anyway - the customer found a solution using canonical openEHR XML. So there where no need for TDS/TDD for this project.

Thanks for your feedbacks - both @Seref and @yampeku !