Support for normal range values for qantity in EHRbase using FLAT format

Does EHRbase support the addition of normal range values for quantity data type, when FLAT Format is used?

Tried using the following, but got error that the server (0.17.3 snapshot) in unable to process the paths.

"vital_signs/vital_signs:0/blood_pressure:0/any_event:0/systolic/normal_range|lower": 100,
"vital_signs/vital_signs:0/blood_pressure:0/any_event:0/systolic/normal_range|upper": 140,


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While we are asking … one thing that Better implemented was the ability to ask for a ‘RAW’ element value, which returns escaped canonical RM json - this acts as escape clause for where the FLAT format (in general or a particular implementation) does not support some of the more obscure parts of a particular datatype.

  "{ \"@class\": \"DV_QUANTITY\", \"magnitude\": 37.1, \"other_reference_ranges\": [], \"units\": \"°C\" }"

Might be useful in many other places.


What @ian.mcnicoll makes perfect sense. If we support this option both is POST and GET, we will be able to get around many areas where the FLAT format support is not implemented.

Hi @Dileep_V_S,

using RAW inside flat formats is supported. My colleague is still working on finding and addressing all the edge cases (there are many). We hope that by the middle of December there is finally everything 100% compliant with Better’s implementation.



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@birger.haarbrandt Thanks for the reply. I will check this out

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