Substance use summary is ready for publication

Dear all,

The archetype Evaluation Archetype: Substance use summary [openEHR Clinical Knowledge Manager] has been through two review rounds. One major change has been done, but not as fundamental as it deserves another review round. Otherwise it is only minor changes. See the log message in the ‘Archetype History’ tab. The editorial team suggests publishing.

If you have any comments or objections, please note them here, at the latest in time of the planned publication date, April 26th 2024.

Kind regards, on behalf of the editors and the Norwegian archetype governance team,

Vebjørn Arntzen


There were a late incoming review, leading to minor changes in wording. No semantic changes. The changes has been accepted today, April 23rd, and committed to the trunk.

@siljelb and @Koray_Atalag, who already have indicated approval of the design per April 19th, might want to revisit the archetype to check whether their approval is still valid.

Apologies for the mishap with notifying too early.

Kind regards,
Vebjørn Arntzen


@varntzen I didn’t review this archetype in Round 2 at all. Not sure why you made this comment. Am I missing something?

@Koray_Atalag Ah, it might be a misunderstanding or miscommunication in posts here in “CKM publication”. I have assumed, and possibly others as well, that if someone press the :white_heart: button, it is a indication of that person has checked the archetype and agreed to proceed with the publishing process. I’ll check with the other editors if this could be a “rule” and communicate it better. Sorry for introducing confusion :slight_smile:

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That would be a nice addition to CKM functionality!!

I believe it is mostly understood as “adopt archetype” - at least that was what I assumed, which used to be a CKM function to kind of “Like” archetypes so it is added to your fav list etc. I suggest an explicit choice for “interest in or available for review” feature

Being an openEHR dinosaur, it’s hard to unlearn things :slight_smile:

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The mesozoic era “adopt archetype” :hearts: is still available in the CKM, and editors will always invite adopters to reviews. This Discource “CKM publication” is meant to be an additional heads up to the community to inform that an archetype is about to be published. It is not meant to be a formal thing, as the review process.

We’ll discuss how to use and interpret responses in CKM publication within the editors.

To answer the actual question, yes I’m happy with the publication as is - so it’s an “Accept”
Thanks to all who has contributed and of course our wonderful editors :slight_smile:



The archetype is now published.

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We’ve discussed a bit, and it would potentially add another way to give feedback on the archetype which will not be traceable in the archetype. It’s best to avoid that. So, for the future we will in this kind of “XXX is ready for publication”-posts, instead guide to add a Change Request or start a discussion within the archetype in CKM.