Storing a query with no version - correct behavior when the query already exists?

The API spec does not define a 409 response for this operation. If a query already exists with the specified name, what is the correct behavior of the endpoint? My guess is to increment the patch number in the semver, but I’d like confirmation.

Your remark and question are rightful. The assumption of incrementing the internal version sounds also reasonable, but might be tricky to define semantic of a major vs minor vs patch content on a query to fully rely on semver automation. But unfortunately I cannot answer with certainty to your assumption yet: I will first need to clarify it in the SEC (Specifications Editorial Committee).
I am analyzing the necessary changes to be done on an upcoming release on REST API specs, so I will add your remark and suggestion to the list of issues. Hopefully you will see a change soon on the specifications on this subject.

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