'Specimen container' and 'Transportation of an item' (previous 'Specimen transportation' are ready for publication

“Specimen container” (CLUSTER.specimen_container) and “Transportation of an item” (CLUSTER.item_transport) has been through two review round each.

The “Transportation of an item” was originally called “Specimen transportation” (CLUSTER.specimen_transport), but after the review and the feedback we changed the concept so this archetype is more generic, and can be used for transportation of other items than only specimen and specimen container.
The editorial decision is to publish this with the changes without a new review as the content is unchanged but the concept is broader and more inclusive.
Link to the archetype: Clinical Knowledge Manager

Link Specimen container: Clinical Knowledge Manager

If you have any comments or objections, please note them here, at the latest in one week from now, June 21, 2022.