Specialising value set items?

I’m working on a specialisation of an archetype. The parent archetype has a DV_CODED_TEXT element with internal codes, with SNOMED CT codes bound to each internal code. The specialisation slightly narrows down the definition of each internal code, which I would like to reflect by specialising each code in terms of textual description and which SNOMED CT code is used. AD isn’t letting me do this. Is this a tooling issue or a specifications issue?

Hi Silje,

Not sure what this bit means - the meaning of an already-defined code in an archetype cannot be redefined, just like a code in SNOMED or ICD. Or do you mean that the codes have been specialised, e.g. at12 -> at12.1 etc? If so, the latter are distinct, semantically specialised codes, in the same sense that the code for ‘lymphoma’ is a specialised child of ‘cancer’ (or malignant neoplasm, or whatever it is), and you should be able to define them normally.

I mean that this is what I’m trying to do, but the tool won’t let me. For example, I want to specialise the finding code “Heart beat irregular” to “Pulse irregular”.

Aha! So it’s a tool problem… this is the part of the spec that talks about redefining codes - but it might depend on you having created the relevant specialised nodes first? I guess you did that?

I’m unable to find a way to explicitly specialise each code, only the data elements. Sounds like a tooling issue then?

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