Software Program page is almost empty

I’m checking the programs and found the Software program section is currently empty and there is no board. It seems on 2022 a board would be appointed but that didn’t happen Software Program

I think the software program would be an important place to organize and keep updated the info about tools, systems, apps and sdks out there, in a comprehensive way so when people looks for something, they can find it in one place.

Current pages about this are outdated and seem incomplete.

Does anybody have some idea of what will happen with the software program?



@ukpenguin another priority for the new CEO?

I agree that some ‘ownership’ and updates would be helpful but I wonder if this might be better as a SEC working group, given the cross-over of key people and discussion.


This was being worked on internally, but other priorities has meant a delay in it being developed. It isn’t forgotten. We need to establish the program and then other information will follow including updating of website pages. Hope this is helpful.

@JillRiley How can we help?

Leave with me for now, thanks for the help offer… will be in touch :slight_smile:

OK. Can you please update on this? Thanks.

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Yes once I have started in Sept we must look at this.


Thanks, please keep us posted. Maybe we can talk about this in November during the NL conference.

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