Software Development Kit for app development

Hi everybody,

as you might know, we are working on an open source SDK ( with the aim to make application developers love to work with openEHR. As this is developed against the official openEHR REST API and aims to be 100% vendor-neutral, this is something that should be of general interest to the community, including other vendors. From my point of view, it is absolutely crucial that people who are new to openEHR are able to get their first application up and running within a few hours.

As of now, we have functions to create DTOs from Templates, provide encapsulation of REST calls and the management of templates. We can also use the DTOs to create AQL queries. In the near future, we will also start to support the flat formats.

However, before we do further steps, we would like to discuss the requirements with the community. What are the things bothering people when they want to build applications?

We envision a web call where we demonstrate the functions of the SDK and then discuss what would provide value. Presentations of your (commercial) SDKs would also be welcome, if this is not an issue from a business perspective.

Of course this only makes sense if there is an interest by the community, hence, Iā€™d like to hear from you if this is of interested and you would be willing to spend 2-3 hours to get into this conversation. So please provide some feedback if this is of interest for you (or drop a comment why this might not be the right approach :slight_smile: