"Social context screening questionnaire" ready for publication

Dear all

The Social context screening questionnaire has been through one review round. There were some misunderstanding of the difference between the abstract screening questionnaire archetypes, of which this is an example, and the specific archetypes designated for persistent storage in an EHR. The editor feedback is hence detailed and educational.

Otherwise there were no major push-back. Editorial group realised two elements were unnecessary, and removed. A use case of for example ‘Number of children’ will be covered in a new archetype, yet to be made.

The editors advise the archetype to be published in it’s present design after the changes noted in the review. Please have a look and notify here if you do not agree in this. If no objections are being made, the archetype will be published the 24th of February 2023.

Link to the archetype: Clinical Knowledge Manager

On behalf of the editors,
Vebjørn Arntzen