Sharing Archetypes

Hello Experts,

How do I share an archetype that I have designed in the archetype designer with few other colleagues (or any one in this forum) for their inputs? I was exploring options to do this in the tool but could not find a way.

Any help is appreciated.

Once you open the archetype/template in edit mode, you will see a share icon towards the left of it’s name. If you click this you will get a URL that you can share with others to view it and give feedback offline. Please see the attached screenshot.

If you want to actively collaborate with others, you can either use a shared drive or github repository



Thank you so much Dileep.

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Hi, what about custom gitlab instance?
I getting an authentication error if i can acces it.
How can i define credentials or access token?

β€” Authentication is required but no CredentialsProvider has been registered β€”