Severity range scale archetype

Hello everyone!

Since it is my first time posting, I will introduce myself. My name is Laura and work for the Catalan Healthcare system as a clinical modeler. We are trying to archetype some of our scales that we have in something called “Shared Healthcare Record”, and we are curious about something related with the archetype “severity range scale”. We realized that in this archetype you have the possibility to use either an item called “Numeric rating scale 0-20” or “Numeric rating scale 0-100”. Since both items are count and optional, the only difference that we found is the punctuation, which can be either to 20 or 100. We thought that this is curious since, by using the element “Numeric rating scale 0-100” it is already possible to include scales from 0 to 20… then we were wondering if there is any specific reason to have the element “Numeric rating scale 0-20” for this archetype.

I hope I explained myself properly, otherwise let me know, and I will try to clarify myself in another way. Thank you very much in advance for your help!


I was not involved in building this archetype but I would guess that the thinking was that it was very important not to confuse a 1-20 scale with a 1-100 scale, as the same value of e.g 5 would have a very different meaning, and maximal ranges.


That makes sense! Thank you so much for your answer, Ian!

Hi Laura, good to see you, and I’m happy to see the Catalonian group start using the international CKM!

@ian.mcnicoll is right, there are variations of 0-10, 0-20 and 0-100 in use. Probably also others, 1-6 could be one - even though I don’t have any examples of that.

Note that this severity rating scale still is in draft status. @KanikaK, the author, is on vacation I think. It CAN be changes made to it, so be aware of that. Adopt it, and you will be notified when something happens to it, and invited to the review. We need people involved who are planning to use it :grinning:.

Cheers from Vebjørn
(also vacationing, but it’s raining and cold! :disappointed:)


Thanks a lot for your answer @varntzen ! I will adopt the archetype, as you suggested, in case there are some changes in the future!

I hope I could send some warm weather to you from Spain! Enjoy your holidays! :slight_smile:

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