Setting up an Archetype Designer repository linked to a private Github repo

Hi all

I am trying to manage a Github repo of content models that I would like to keep private for now. It is on our paid for Guthub account, rather than a free account.

I get a 500 error returned when I try and do this, but if I make the Github repo public then AD is quite happy to add it.

Is there anything I can do about this, or do I just need to keep the repo public for now?

Thanks for any advice!



Ah I think as I experiment more it may be to do with the way our org has setup and restricted access. Does that sound likely?

I don’t think private Github repos are supported by AD right now.


I have been trying the same that Paulmiller mentions with no success. It seems AD still does not support editing assets in private projects in GithHub. Is that correct? In my case, when editing an asset in AD from a private project in GithHub, AD complains: “Could not access drive due to failed authorization” In my case, I have used a GitHub free account.
Thanks for any advice!