RM Change request: Add time_asserted to EVALUATION class?

Can we get some feedback on this RM proposal being discussed by SEC.

See [SPECRM-121] - openEHR JIRA

Add time_asserted property to EVALUATION to represent historical (or contemporary) date that the content of the EVALUATION was asserted, e.g. a historical diagnosis.

I commented …

‘Date last updated’ is routinely added to any new EVALUATION archetypes as a routine, so it will be important to get feedback from the clinical community.

One advantage is that it gives us a consistent way of displaying the most recent ‘clinical date’ which is becoming really important in shared care planning where single Evaluations in persistent composition may be updated by multiple users. We have that for OBSERVATIONS and ACTIONS but not for INSTRUCTIONS or EVALUATIONS.

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The idea of time_asserted (meaning date/time asserted) is to record when some Dx or other eval was originally asserted, e.g Doc receives a new patient who tells her that he has been asthmatic since 16. So time_asserted would be set to whatever (approx) date that would imply. THe value of this field for newly formed Dx is just today’s date/time.
This field is also equivalent to ‘date clinically recognised’ from the Problem/Dx archetype.

Date last updated (which I would have thought would be called ‘date last reviewed’) is supposed to record the most recent time the condition was reviewed, as far as I know.

So these are distinct data items are they not?

This was discussed (I think!) when we decided to add ‘Date Last updated’ routinely to Evaluations.

The assertion is that the Evaluation should exist / and is correct, rather than some kind of date first clinically recognised per-se. That element exist as in the Problem/diagnosis archetype, and not in other evaluations, as it isa very specific requirement for hospital reporting. The ‘date last updated’ is closer in meaning to the composition start_time in a persistent composition i.e. when the record was authored/ updated, not about any specific content of the record as such.

Perhaps ‘time_asserted’ is not the best term to use.

Review date is a somethingelse, because e,g an allergies list could be reviewed but nothing updated

Well the literal ‘date last updated’ of anything is just its Version’s AUDIT_DETAILS.time (which is a date/time). Everything has that. It sounds like this attribute is just replicating the system audit… but I am sure I am missing something here…!