Renaming in Templates with coded text constraint

Hi everybody,

I hope you can help me with this n00b question. When using the Template Designer or Archetype Designer, I’m not able to find a function to use a contraint on a coded text field for names. For example, I would like to rename an adhoc section and only allow a coded text which is encoded by a specific loinc code (for example “Plan of Care Synopsis” with code 57197-6 (

From the RM perspective, I think this should be possible.

It is technically possible in ADL but I don’t think it was very properly supported in either TD or AD. I know talking to Fabio of Better that he was not keen on the idea.

I have suggsted this approach in the past, particularly around ‘naming’ lab analytes with LOINC codes, at a point when we carroed the analyte name in the same element as the actual value but that has a downside of generating some pretty ugly ‘UI’ names at times, So I am not so sure that using the ‘rename’ trick is optimal. You might be able ot use the “LOINC::57197-6::Plan of Care Synopsis”

The alternative is to add the loinc code as a mapping, and I think that might be a better approach generally.

We definitely do need to find a definitive/preferred way of tagging an element name with an external terminology though.