Region of Catalonia - Preliminary market survey for the procurement of an electronic prescribing and medicines administration solution

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I hope you had a great entry into the New Year and that you and your relatives are in good health.

I am writing here today because we just published a new market consultation. This time we are aiming to obtain technical information on the existing possibilities to supply the elements for the development of an integrated and interoperable electronic prescribing and medicines administration solution for the Integrated Public Healthcare System of Catalonia. Even though the focus is specifically for the outpatient environment, we are also interested in acknowledging the capabilities of the proposed information system to cover all the needs of hospitals (including inpatient). Moreover, this request aims to acquire knowledge about market prices, and the conditions that the market is willing to offer.

Obviously, we want the solution to be fully INTRAoperable with the new Electronic Health Record we are building which, as you very well know, will be built following the paradigm of open platforms and standards. Therefore, we are asking the bidders to also explain the possibilities of their solutions to be fully linked to our Clinical Data Repository based on openEHR.

Here is the link to the LinkedIn post: Preliminary market survey for the procurement of an electronic prescribing and medicines administration solution

Here is the link to the procurement portal (English version):

There are 30 days from today to submit the bids.

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Have put detail on openEHR website @jpieraj Community News Let me know if you want anything changed. Hope this is helpful.

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@jpieraj how many responses did you get? Is that publicity available information?

P.S. I guess the more interesting question…
“how many of them were serious/complete enough for your needs?”
…is not possible to answer due to procurement secrecy rules.

The reception period was extended for a week, until this Friday

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Will let you know during next week the amount of submissions.

Content-wise it will take us a bit longer to get to know them. Will keep you posted.

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So, this Friday the period closed.

We have received 10 bids. We would like to thank all the submitters for their efforts. Shortly we will publish a list of them through social media.

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Is there any more info available about status for this procurement?
Have you decided on a product or is there a public shortlist of main candidates continuing to further evaluation?

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Hello Erik,

This was a Request for Information and not a Request for Proposals.

What I can tell you is that we had 9 submissions which have greatly helped us to shape our Request for Proposals. We aim to finish the preparation of the procurement tender within this May and we foresee it to be published by September this year.

Something else I can tell you is that most of the submitters did not put much effort into shifting their proposals towards our open platform paradigm… Then, obviously we have our internal preferences but we can’t disclose them.

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Thanks Jordi - you previously mentioned sharing a list of the respondents to the RFI on social media. Was this done already and I missed it?

Hey, I am still waiting for the permission from our public procurement agency to share the names as we did with the CDR RFP. Will be back soon with that.