Redirect 404'ing link in the white paper


Just a heads up that the whitepaper contains some links that are 404s. Might be nice for new comers to create a redirect to capture the old link clicks.

SEE: 3 THE openEHR FOUNDATION "There are now around 10 ‘Industry partner’ (financially supporting) vendor companies"

SEE: From 3 THE openEHR FOUNDATION : “These are responsible for openEHR systems running in a growing
number of hospitals and health authorities worldwide, as described here.”

FROM: https://www [dot]
TO: THIS_FORUM (can’t post the link here for some reason)
SEE: “Discussion lists”

p.s. is the public website open source? Would be happy to send through a PR for this if it helps out.

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I thought it is, but can only find the old site: GitHub - openEHR/openehr-website-php: Source of openEHR website
It does say the new site is in django… @thomas.beale or @sebastian.iancu will know.

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If it is the main websites, then it is indeed in django and @thomas.beale will arrange it. I am involved in the specifications subdomain only.
Thank you @timacdonald for reporting it.


I have added redirects to Apache for these links.