Radiation therapy, planing and result

Is there any archetype that expresses information about Microscopic tumor volume, Planned target volume and Clinical target volume for radiation therapy?

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Hi Per, welcome to the openEHR discourse site! :smiley:

I’m not aware of any archetypes that specifically model the three variables you’re proposing. My first thought is that these would be, respectively:

  1. Part of a histology result
  2. Part of a radiation therapy request

I’m not sure I understand the difference between planned target volume and clinical target volume. Could you elaborate a bit about your use case?


Hi Silje, and thanks!

Yes, the GVT is some prior results, the CTV and PTV are requested areas of radiation therapy.

I´m trying to express a radiation therapy activity with information about the tumor size and information about different radiation target area volumes in OpenEHR.


  1. Microscopic tumor volyme or “Gross tumor volume” (GTV) are results of prior examination or imaging.
  2. CTV is the clinical target volume “area” that is needed to be treated because of the size of the tumor.
    The PTV surrounds the CTV with an additional margin to compensate for the different types of variations and uncertainties of the beam relative to the CTV.




Hi Per, I hope I’m not distracting from your question. But I’m really curious what kind of app you will use these archetypes for. Is it a clinical application for radiation oncologists? Or a research application?
Ps welcome to the community and thank you for sharing your knowledge.

Thanks for the clarification! I know that the German HiGHmed project has done quite a bit of work related to radiation therapy modelling. @natalia.strauch, do you have any models covering what @PerN is asking about?

Hi Per, we have only developed the CLUSTER archetype Irradiation Clinical Knowledge Manager and no other models.
We use this in the ACTION.procedure archetype to record the actually administered / achieved dose or activity in a defined target volume during a therapy.

Perhaps you can put the required information in “Specific details” of the archetype. But we don’t have any special models for it.


Hi Joost and thanks,

At this stage its more about finding a common ground for data transactions between different applications and or systems.

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Oh, thank you Natalia,

I’ve seen this before when it was only in german (I think). I’ll investigate to see if it helps me further :slightly_smiling_face:

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