Pulse/Heart beat archetype - new review needed?

Recently, the Pulse/Heart beat archetype (https://ckm.openehr.org/ckm/archetypes/1013.1.170) had breaking changes applied to it, and its status set to “Reassess”. The breaking change consists of the removal of two runtime name constraints, which fixes a problem discussed in this discussion thread: https://ckm.openehr.org/ckm/#showAComment_1013.18.1515_1013.1.170

I’m particularly looking for viewpoints from application developers, but others can of course voice their opinion too: Does this change warrant a new review, or can we publish this archetype as v2 without another review? Bear in mind that the previous version will always be available on the CKM, albeit with its status set as “Deprecated”.

14 people have at this time viewed this topic, and none have voiced an opinion. I’ll assume this means that people are fine with republishing with no additional review. So unless anyone protests, I’ll republish this archetype on Tuesday 17 December.