Public Test Servers

Hi all,
I am new to openEHR and I was wondering if there is any public online openEHR server that implementers can use for testing purpose. I am particularly interested in testing REST APIs.
An online EHRBase or EHRServer would be great, so we don’t have to deploy one in a local machine.
Thanks in advance


Hi @Paco_Novillo,

completely agree, this is on the to-do list for EHRbase. Though, not sure when this is gonna be available. As its open source, maybe someone [tm] will just take the initiative, let’s see. In the meantime, I think using Docker is just a minimal hurdle for devs to get started.


Many thanks @birger.haarbrandt,
I will try with Use EHRbase Image — EHRbase documentation

You can ask in the forum whenever you are stuck. We are really keen to provide a great developer experience, but we are still on the way getting there.

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For EHRserver, @pablo will be able to indicate what is available.

Hola Paco,

With EHRServer you have the SaaS option

Or using docker-compose:

Run with docker-compose:

$ grails war
$ cd docker-compose
$ docker-compose up
localhost:8080 will be Adminer (a MySQL manager)
localhost:8888 will be Tomcat (running EHRServer)
Change the ports and SMTP configuration in the docker-compose file

Source: GitHub - ppazos/cabolabs-ehrserver: Open platform to manage and share standardized clinical data, designed by @ppazos at CaboLabs Health Informatics.