Psychiatry and OpenEHR

I represent a Region Uppsala in Sweden, working as a digitalization strategist. We are “new” to OpenEHR, with low maturity and knowledge within our health care units. We are currently working to find a good business cases to run a OpenEHR prototype. Psychiatry has shown interest and have asked if there is any experiences in this field connected to OpenEHR. Psychiatry works mainly with evaluation forms. I am therefore wondering if there are any experiences within this field connected to OpenEHR in the community? Any lessons learned or specific area that you recommend us to investigate specifically connected to psychiatry?
/Jenny Harrysdotter


Hi Jenny,

We’d be very interested in chatting to you. We have been in conversation with mental health professionals based in London, on the back of the One London Universal Care Plan - built on openEHR - initially for End of life care planning but extending into other modalities.

It would be great to see an example of an evaluation form, and we can explain how we might ‘openEHR’ it.

We have done work on anxiety, depression and physical health monitoring for MH patients, and also looked at

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Also we have just built locally the Beck Anxiety and Depression scales which we will be putting up for CKM review soon.

Hei @jennyharrysdotter
We do some openEHR related applications for psychiatric care in Norway. It would be great to have some Scandinavian joint efforts. Might be we have similarities in the way the healthcare system is set up.

We have some forms related to measurements. Most of the applications is targeting patient trajectories, risk factors and also compulsive actions.

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Most public hospitals in the northern and western regions of Norway are using DIPS Arena, which is openEHR based. In addition, the largest hospital in Norway, Oslo University Hospital, has used DIPS Arena in the Clinic for Psychiatry and Addiction for more than a year. So there should be plenty of opportunity to collaborate in the future of identifying and developing structured documents for evaluations. Most evaluations are already validated and should be not too troublesome (famous last words) to make into archetypes, but there are the challenges of translations and copyright on many of them.

If there are interest, get in touch to discuss how and when we can collaborate.


In the Netherlands, both Nedap and code24 are active in mental healthcare.
Our archetypes can be found at (register for a free account).
We will have to discuss licensing and translations if you want to use these archetypes. (We don’t want money, but we do want to keep changes consistent and we don’t want liability risk)

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Will some of these archetypes be proposed for review in the openEHR community?

I assume there are local and national information models of lower interest outside your country. For the more formal information models it would be great to have a review and share them globally.

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Yes. We want to put them all up for review. But there are things to solve around lack of editors, funding and impact of breaking changes and IP transfer, archetype ID etc.
If there’s an interest from others in any of our archetypes we could start small and work from there?