Progress - robot tests - new ids

The copy of EhrBase robot scripts now in the openEHR Conformance repo have been given new identifiers as per the SEC-agreed approach. You can see them here. This organisation of test scripts follows the structure of the platform spec, but of course tests the REST API implementation of each call. This hierarchy seems easy to understand from my point of view - what do others think?

The main conformance schedule has also been updated with various corrections.

The EhrBase team (@birger.haarbrandt , @pablo , @wlad ) might want to think about how this relates to the EhrBase tests and documentation, since this openEHR version will presumably become the community standard for identifying tests, scripts etc.

Hi Thomas, I don’t think the changes in names will affect the robot tests for EHRBASE, and I’m not sure we need to track the correspondences between both repos, since for the CI EHRBASE will still run the local tests which have more test cases than the conformance spec tests.

I am thinking in terms if you wanted to generate a conformance statement for EhrBase, to be consumable by the outside world, it will need the new ids. But I am also wondering if we could make it so the openEHR test cases form a ‘core’ that can be added to by any implementer to add its local test cases, rather than having to locally create the entire lot.

The conformance statement could be written without the need of any tests. It is the conformance testing report the one that would be generated from test execution, but we didn’t define the format for such test yet. The report generated by the current robot tests is IMO far from what I envision as a conformance testing report that is legible and comparable to reports generated by testing other implementations. For sure that report will include the test suite and test case names for the tests defined in the robot files.

Another thing that needs to be defined is how to run the conformance test suites externally from the tests that are in the project and used for the CI. I think Cambio was working on this area.

I’m working on a document that includes the basic sections for the conformance statement and an set of requirements for the conformance testing report.

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